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Assistive Technology Workstation


Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

To get to the library, please see the a map of the campus showing access routes and facilities for the disabled.

All workstations in our Periodicals Department are equipped with wide screen 22 inch monitors which are suitable for the visually impaired.

In addition, workstations  for persons with disabilities, donated to the library, are located ion the 2nd and 3rd floors. The workstations are equipped with:

Adjustable Desk

Through use of an electrically adjustable height work surface, the desk accommodates the wheelchair-bound and people with back problems.


The powerful PC has a large monitor that facilitates computer use by individuals with visual impairments by allowing a continuous display of magnified material without excess scrolling.

Additional devices include  headphones, a keyboard with large keys (with shield) and a selection of mice for the handicapped. See following table:

buddy switch

Buddy Switch

A large surface switch, easy to see and easy to use


mouse plus two switches

Mouse + 2 switches + 2 plugs

Large surface switches


microtrack mouse

Microtrack Mouse

Can be chin-operated


pc track mouse

PCTrack Mouse USB

Trackball mouse with large ball and buttons. Very stable


large key keyboard

Large Key Keyboard + shield + cover

For persons with tremor, heaviness or unsteady hands. Also suitable for persons with visual problems


kids mouse

Kid's Mouse

Large trackball, easy maneuverability, with good separation between buttons. Requires less fine motor control than standard mouse.


Ergonomic Joystick

Ergonomic Joystick

Lightweight and easy to use helping those with repetitive strain injury, as the hand remains vertical.


In addition to standard library software (catalog, databases, electronic journals, Office, Internet browser, etc.) all public stations offer: 

ZoomText - Screen magnification application              
Kol Kore – A program that reads Hebrew texts 
Dyslexia - A program that helps to avoid mistakes caused by dyslexia.

The text reading  programs allow a student to store files in MP3 format.

The station also has a Babylon multi-lingual dictionary installed.

Printing, Scanning and Copying

Standard printing, scanning and copying facilities are located near the workstation.

Are there any other assistive technology devices that you are interested in? Do you have any suggestions? Or do you have any questions? If so, please email Sara Grosvald, call at 02-5882134 , or fax to  02-5322435.