Remote Access

Remote Services for Hebrew University Users

Registration for Hebrew University's remote services is done via the University's RAP site, which is maintained by the Computer Authority.  You can register, change your password, recover a lost password, or update user details.

After registration, connect to the Samba server.

For each operating system there are two methods of connecting:

WindowsSamba Web VPN, and Samba VPN Client (the last one is recommended).

MacSamba Web-VPN and Samba VPN Client (the last one is recommended).

LinuxSamba Web-VPN and Samba VPN Client (the last one is recommended).

From there you can access remote services, which include the library's ejournals and databases.

EndNote Web

As a member of the Hebrew University community you have free access to EndNote Web, a citation manager to which you can download articles from online databases and records from the library catalog. You can access EndNote Web from your browser, via the Samba server.

The Library has prepared a detailed powerpoint presentation.

Wireless Connection to the Internet

The library offers this service on all floors. See explanation.

For direct help, phone the Computer Authority Help Desk, 5883450, Monday-Thursday 8:00-17:15. 

How to Print from Laptops

Mobile print service

allows printing from almost any form of communication (Laptops, PC, tablets, smartphones and more).

The service works by sending an E-Mail with an attachment to one of the following addresses (depending on the type of work you want):

A. - Black and white simplex (one side).

B. - Black and white Duplex.

C. – Color.

The attachment can be an office document, Jpeg, PDF or almost any form of well-known format.

The print job will be present on every public printer on campus (mount Scopus). Just choose your E-Mail address from the list and print (at regular cost).

    Accessing Personal Files

    See how to access personal files you have stored on your personal directories (K) or on the Novell Network (T)