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Circulation Desk              02-5882124/5

Reserve Desk

Interlibrary loan              02-5881123


Readers Card

Borrowing is restricted to students with a current, valid Student Card and to members of the University with a current, valid Staff Card. New students receive their cards by mail from the Student Accounting Department. Each year continuing students receive validation labels by mail, which must be affixed to their cards and brought to the library for reader's card renewal. Administrative staff with valid Staff Cards must renew privileges annually. All address, telephone and other changes should be reported to the Circulation Department.

Borrowers are held responsible for items charged out on their card. You can check your loans at any time from the library's website, here: My Library Card. Lost cards should be reported promptly to the Circulation Department, and to the Student Accounting Department


Borrowing Privileges

Who May Borrow What to Bring Privileges
University students Valid student card

50 books from the general collection

+ 2 books from the

reserve collection

University teaching staff Valid staff card
Visiting teachers/researchers

Formal authorization from official University body

University administrative staff –permanent staff Valid permanent staff card
University administrative staff –temporary staff Valid temporary staff card + contract
University pensioners Pensioners card
University alumni Alumni card (contact the Alumni Office, tel. 02-5882890) + annual payment of 480 NIS 15 books from the general collection + 1 book from the reserve collection
Magid Institute "Shomea hofshi" card + identity card number

10 books from the general collection

+ 1 book from the reserve collection

Faculty, M.A. and Ph.D. students from other Universities in Israel Letter of validation from the central library of their university
Friends of the University Member's card + identification + yearly payment
Others may be able to open a reader's card for a fee. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.

General Collection

The loan period for each item appears in the catalog. Books generally circulate for 7 days unless otherwise stated in the catalog.


Items are renewed automatically each day except under the following circumstances:

  • if the item has been requested by another reader

  • if the item belongs to a special collection (e.g. reserves)

  • if the borrower's reader card has expired

  • if the borrower has not paid fines owed to the library

Borrowers with up-to-date e-mail addresses will receive e-mail notices with the due date of any items that have not been renewed. The Hebrew University e-mail address supplied by the Student Authority is the official address used for all library correspondence.



A single copy of a book which has been loaned to a reader may be requested by another reader. Requests may be placed either via the library's catalog or at the Circulation Desk. A book that has been returned and is reserved by another patron will be held for him at the Circulation Desk for seven days.


The reader is responsible for returning books on time.

A fine of 10 NIS per day will be collected for the late return of items which have been requested by other readers.

In the event of repeated offences, or of a late return that affects many students, or when fines are not paid, the consequences can be as follows:

  • The library will not give any further service to the reader
  • The Faculty Secretary will not give any service to the reader
  • A report will be sent to the university disciplinary committee

Reserve Collection

Loan Period

One day loan         Mon.-Wed.  from 9:00  to 10:00 the following day   
       Thursday    from 9:00  to 12:00 noon Sunday



Books from the Reserve Collection may not be renewed.


A reader may request up to two reserve books at the Reserve desk or by phone 02-5881501.  A reader who has ordered a book may pick it up the next day after 11:00 (or after 13:00 on Sundays). Requested books are held for the reader until 18:30.


Reserve books: 3 NIS per book per hour; 30 NIS per book per day. 
(Day=after 16:00 on due-date).

Electronic Reserves

Articles which appear in course bibliographies may be available from the Electronic Reserve Collection. Articles are listed in the catalog by course number and are available only to students registered in the course.

Please note: Some articles or periodicals listed in a course bibliography may not be available in the Mt. Scopus Library.


Bound journals are loaned to students for an hour, to teachers for a day