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Interlibrary Loan

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Contact Information

Opening Hours


Sunday-Wednesday                 09:00 - 21:45
Thursday                 09:00 - 19:00


When the Interlibrary Loan Department is closed, please ask at the Circulation Department.

Tel. 02-5881123

There is a charge for this service.


Who is entitled to use the service?

Anyone with a valid reader’s card.

How does one use the service?

  • Forms can be obtained at the entrance to the Interlibrary Loan Department or from the links at the top of this page.
  • After your order is received (and usually within two weeks), you will be contacted by e-mail. Books and articles will be kept for you for in the Interlibrary Loan Department for two weeks. If the department is closed please request your order from the supervisor of the Circulation Department. Lecturers who have paid through their budgets can receive articles by e-mail.
  • Books are loaned for only 8 weeks, no renewals.
  • If the book is required by the loaning library, a notice will be sent to the reader.


What can be ordered?

Mt. Scopus Readers

  1. Books from other Hebrew University campuses and other university and college libraries in Israel that are for loan for a week and more.  Anyone wishing to order a book that is held by one of the Mt. Scopus libraries must state his reason for doing so. (For international book loans please contact the National Library
  2. Articles from material held by the Mt. Scopus Library (for lecturers only; payment from research budget.)
  3. Articles from university and college libraries in Israel and abroad.

Readers from Abroad

  1. For articals from books or journals held in the Hebrew University Libraries, please turn to your respective Interlibrary Loan Department at your institution.
  2. Please note: We do not send books from our collection abroad. You may try to locate the  item you need at the National Library and request it from their Interlibrary Loan Department, 


Books from a library belonging to the Hebrew University Library Authority  - 10 NIS each

Books from other university library and the National Library - 16 NIS each

Books from a college library - 25 NIS each

Articles from university libraries: up to 10 pages – 18 NIS, each additional 10 pages – 8 NIS

Articles from college libraries: 25 NIS service charge + 8 NIS for every 10 pages

For articles ordered from abroad there is a 25 NIS service charge added to the fee charged by the library providing the article.

Payment: cash, credit card or budget number

Lecturers who wish to pay via their budgets should include it in the form.


  • Readers who order books or articles and do not collect them will be charged the handling fee plus the photocopying costs.
  • Readers who do not return requested items will have their library privileges revoked until the items are returned and all fees are paid.
  • Readers who lose a book will have their library privileges revoked until payment is made to the Interlibrary Loan Department for the loaning library.

Copyright Notice

Copyright Law governs the making of photocopies and other reproductions of copyright material. Libraries and archives are authorized to provide a photocopy or other reproduction for private study, scholarship or research only. If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or other reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user will be liable for copyright infringement. The library reserves the right to refuse to accept an order if, in its judgement, fulfillment of the order violates copyright restrictions.